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When powerhouse country vocalist Annie Bosko decided to round up some friends for a new country band, the journey began in Nashville at a buddy’s home in the woods where Bosko was crashing in the basement complete with a fully equipped practice space. She was looking to make music with like-minded folks who wanted to buck the trend of the electronic backing tracks filling the airwaves of pop country and just have some good old fashioned country rockin’ fun. The early rehearsals were raucous, wine, whisky and beer-indulged country jam sessions under the surveillance of several of the neighbors cats who stealthily slipped through any opening and closing doors and thusly had to be constantly shooed back outside. Ok… So we’ve now gotten to the part about the kitties walking in.

After a hard freeze and with a second snowstorm approaching one evening, the group pulled up to discover an injured hawk flailing in a panic on the frozen ground. The band’s toughest cowgirl in every sense of the word - Megan Mullins - (she has a backyard full of chickens, was raised on the road in a family band playing fiddle, mandolin, guitar, accordion, piano, banjo, clarinet, and can clog with the best of them) set to work gently coaxing the wounded and terrified hawk into a kennel and the band carried him through the snow to safety indoors, keeping him warm until Animal Control could arrive. A circle was formed, hands were raised, victuals were provided, prayers and voices were lifted up, and thusly Kitty Hawk was born.  

With an insanely impressive musical pedigree to each of their names (singer Annie Bosko has provided backgrounds for Adele, Earth Wind and Fire, Darius Rucker and many more - not to mention being Rolling Stone’s “Country Artist to Watch” in her own right, fiddler Megan Mullins has toured with Shania Twain, Shakira, Big and Rich, Alabama, and the Jonas Brothers, and bassist Annie Clements has toured with Sugarland, Maren Morris, Amos Lee and Holly Williams) Kitty Hawk combines the talents of some of the baddest sidemen in the business - who also happen to all be women.  

With Bosko being one of 5 children hailing from her family’s strawberry farm in California, Mullins from rural Indiana - although having toured 150-200 dates a year from the age of six the road is just as much her home as any place, and Clements coming from New Orleans where her blues guitarist father helped her cut her teeth in clubs on Bourbon street before she was legally allowed in the buildings, Kitty Hawk combines a variety of musical influences from different regions of America creating a sound that is uniquely their own but solidly country.  

“It’s clearly time for women to storm the stages of country music. They’re aren’t nearly enough of us up there or on the airwaves,” says Bosko. “No woman should be intimidated by performing country music. Country music is the people’s music.” Adds Clements, “With 70 percent of listenership being female, we want to speak directly to country music fans who want to hear their stories being told with their voice. We also want to give a voice to anyone who feels they’re not being heard.” Says Mullins, “Plus, we have a lot of fun doing it! We’re the type of women who call ourselves “Good Time Girls.”’ 

Combining soul-stirring 3-part harmonies, blistering fiddle solos, an insanely energetic all-out musical assault of a stage presence, and Bosko’s no-holds-barred powerful vocal approach, Kitty Hawk is commanding audiences across America. They’re the country/cali/cajun girls who just wanna have fun and take you on the ride with them. Everyone is invited. And it doesn’t look like their train is slowing down anytime soon so you’d better get on board.